Czech Made Man – internet business inspiration

Multiple comedies are filmed each year in the Czech Republic. Czech Made Man, which premiered in 2011, is one of the unorthodox ones.

The film was directed by the young director Tomáš Řehořek (Proměny, Signál). It was supposedly inspired by the life of a real person – an entrepreneur. The story revolves around Jakub Vrána (portrayed by Jan Budař) who eventually builds a successful career and becomes very influential.

The film drew a lot of attention to itself when it was released seven years ago. This was not caused only by Řehořek’s young age when he directed the film (he was merely twenty four at the time) but by its general deliberate modernism both in storytelling and visual side. Czech Made Man is visually very progressive, it makes use of quick camera movements, rapid editing, slow motion, etc., which makes the film highly intriguing to watch and analyze.
As for the story itself, it could be criticized for its episodical nature. The storyline is not very tight and consists of a series of more or less interesting stories from Jakub’s life, from his early childhood all the way to adulthood. Despite its storyline, the film is not a drama, but a very dark comedy. Jakub Vrána is convincingly portrayed by Jan Budař who, while not creating a sympathetic hero, certainly helps to create an interesting one. Occasional jokes and funny Václav Havel’s camero make sure that while Czech Made Man is not the best film ever, it is certainly worth watching.

The story based on true inspirated a lot of czech small starting internet businessmen. Adds on bad spelling domain was very popular in the Czech Republic about 2010. Later young people starts with e-commerce, especially e-shop and affiliate marketing. Nowdays The Czech Republic has still the most eshops per capita in the world. Number of affiliate marketers is also very high. You can find a lot of big affil sites (f.ex, and thousands of smaller websites. They usually work as review sites and recommend the best products and services (f. ex. and their multilingual version for Slovak and Hungary show to visitors the best erotic toy on market). But only a few affiliate marketers really can earn serious money. 95% (or more) of affiliate sites are just for fun and hobby.